Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mr. and Ms. UAB is...

Congratulations to our 2010-11 Mr. and Ms. UAB:

Daniel Pierce and Nishita Baxi!

More details on these outstanding students next week, as well as a complete wrap up of all Homecoming activities.

Go Blazers!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Today's the big day!

Good morning, Blazer Nation!
Today is the big day... when we take on the Thundering Herd and show them who is boss.

Before we start with today's rundown of events... here are the results of the NPHC StepShow:

1st Place Men - Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
1st Place Women - Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the show!

NOW - here's the line up for today!

1:15pm - Legion Field - USGA Tailgate & Blazer Village opens
3:15pm - Legion Field - KICK OFF!
Halftime - announcement of Mr. and Ms. UAB
3rd Quarter - announcement of Spirit competition winners & Res Hall decoration winners

Don't forget to catch the shuttle from Blazer/Camp Hall to get to Legion Field. The shuttles start at 1pm. Be there!

Friday, November 5, 2010

NPHC Step Show & more!

Oh my gosh, what a great day to be a Blazer!

Thank you to the thousands of you who came out for the Annual UAB Homecoming Parade! We're so thankful the weather cooperated with us today!

Up next? The National Pan-Hellenic Step Show!
Tickets are still available for this show.

Get your tickets at the door for $12.
Doors open at 6pm.
Show begins at 7pm.
Location is the UAB Rec Center!

You don't want to miss this!

And, don't forget... tomorrow, UAB students can ride our free shuttle to Legion Field for the game!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today's recap!

We hope you had as good of a time today as we did! From giving away 400 Tshirts to flaming hula hoops at the Bonfire, it was a busy day full of Blazer Spirit!

First, check out the Pep Rally at Five Points South! We were so honored to have Mayor William Bell show his support and love for his alma mater by honoring UAB in the midst of the heart of Birmingham!

With performances from the UAB Golden Girls and Cheerleaders, it was a spirited night and we're excited to see UAB continue to grow and expand with Birmingham. It was certainly a great night to be a Blazer!

Then, the annual Blaze the Night Bonfire kicked off with a march led by the fantastic UAB Marching Band! 

After the band kicked off the bonfire, our Senior Football players pumped up the crowd and got us excited for the game. A surprise appearance by the Men's Basketball team further got the crowd jumping!

Finally, the Fight Song Competition finished out the night. While all the groups were amazing, this is how it played out:
1st Place - Alpha Omicron Pi
2nd Place - Alpha Gamma Delta 
3rd Place - Alpha Xi Delta

We ended the night with an amazing FLAMING hula hoop and fire spinning performance! We'll try to get video up tomorrow!

That's a wrap on Thursday, all!
See you on University tomorrow morning for the Parade! Good night!

Bonfire & Pep Rally

Our phone is ringing off of the hooks today!
Here's the scoop for tonight -

6:00pm - Five Points South - Pep Rally and unveiling of the beautiful new UAB Blazers logo

7:00pm - Rast/Blount Lawn - Dragon March - join the UAB Band and spirited students as we march across campus to the Blaze the Night Bonfire and Pep Rally

7:10pm - UAB Minipark - Blaze the Night Bonfire and Pep Rally - join the UAB Men's Basketball and Football Teams as we celebrate and show our Blazer Spirit! The annual bonfire includes the Fight Song competition, a performance from our UAB Marching Band, the UAB Cheerleaders and the UAB Golden Girls. Don't miss the fireworks and the spinning fire show!

Immediately following the Bonfire, stick around for a concert featuring Birmingham's own Michael Warren!

We'll see you tonight!

Homecoming Tshirt time!

Do you want one of our rad Homecoming Tshirts?
Do you have an Alabama or Auburn Tshirt (or some other school that isn't UAB)?

This is your chance!
Join us NOW on the Campus Green. Give us your old Tshirt, we'll give you a new Homecoming shirt and we'll donate your other shirt to charity.

Win-win all around!
We'll be out there until 2pm. See you there!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spirit Competition Results

We're halfway done and ready to announce some of the winners of the previous competitions!

In Paint the Town, the winners are:
3rd Place - Delta Gamma
2nd Place - Alpha Xi Delta
1st Place - Alpha Gamma Delta

For tonight's Stompdown event, the winners of individual categories are as follows:
In the dance category:
3rd Place - Alpha Xi Delta
2nd Place - Alpha Gamma Delta
1st Place - Alpha Omicron Pi

In the skit category:
3rd Place - Flexin & Ballin'
2nd Place - Alpha Omicron Pi
1st Place - Alpha Gamma Delta (tie)
1st Place - Health Science Student Association (tie)

In the stomp category:
3rd Place - Flexin & Ballin'
2nd Place - Alpha Xi Delta (tie)
2nd Place - Alpha Omicron Pi (tie)
1st Place - Alpha Gamma Delta

Thanks for a great night, everyone! The Rec Center was totally packed out!
We'll see you tomorrow for TradeN Days! Come to the Green starting at 10am with any other's schools shirt and we'll give you a UAB Homecoming Shirt!

Gurney Derby and Green & Gold Game Results!

So many results from today's competition to share with everyone!

Thanks to all 15 teams for coming out and competing... even as it started to sprinkle!

1st Place - Mixed Dentition (School of Dentistry)
2nd Place - Phlame (School of Education)
Dead Last Award- Homunculi (Neuroscience Graduate Program)

Best Dressed Gurney- Dead Last (College of Arts & Sciences)
Most Creative Passenger- Dragoneers (School of Engineering)

Six teams made it out to compete in our first ever Green and Gold Games! Next year (when it doesn't rain), it'll be bigger and better! No matter, thanks to all for coming out!

3rd Place - Alpha Gamma Delta
2nd Place (tie) - Health Science Student Association
2nd Place (tie) - Alpha Omicron Pi
1st Place - Delta Sigma Phi

In other news, click here to check the UAB Cheerleaders, Golden Girls and Blaze on ABC 33/40!

We'll see you at Stompdown tonight at 7pm in the Campus Rec (oh yeah, first 100 UAB students get a Homecoming shirt!).

This morning's events!

It's only 11am and there is so much going on!

I hope you caught up on Good Day Alabama this morning! The UAB National Alumni Society, UAB Cheerleaders, UAB Golden Girls, Blaze and the UAB Homecoming Committee were all live with JehJeh!

Watch the video by clicking here!

Later, we were on Talk of Alabama on ABC 33/40 - keep an eye out for the videos later today!

Up next?
The Gurney Derby kicks off at noon on 13th next to the UAB MiniPark.

The Blazin' Cookout and the Green & Gold Games have officially been moved to the HUC Great Hall due to threat of rain. We don't want your FREE Jim & Nick's to get soggy in the rain!

See you in about an hour!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today's wrap up!

And with that, voting for Mr. and Ms. UAB is complete!
Thank you to our exemplerary students who were named in the Top Five.

Be sure to come to the Homecoming Game this Saturday against Marshall to find out who is named Mr. and Ms. UAB! The winners will be announced during Halftime.

(in case you forgot, here are last year's winners, Andrew Stone & Claire Sands, and runner-ups, Emily Craig & Yih Tsao)

Tomorrow... look for us on Good Day Alabama, talking about Blazer Spirit and the rest of the Homecoming Activities.

Also, our very own Golden Girls, Cheerleaders and Blaze will be making an appearance on Talk of Alabama 33/40 immediately following!

Busy day tomorrow... keep an eye out for more Tshirt giveaways. You'll know about them first here!

The things I do for UAB Homecoming...

File this under the category of things that don't make sense...
No one turns down a Seth Meyers flyer from a pink bunny or two Green Men.

Last day of voting!

Don't forget to vote today in Mr. and Ms. UAB!
Polls close at 8pm.

Oh yeah... something else. The first 100 students to find us tonight at Seth Meyers will get a Homecoming Tshirt!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Blazer Hustle Results & Voting Link

Thanks to the 300+ students for coming out to Blazer Blowout! We hope you had a great time!

Also, we had a record 19 teams competing in Blazer Hustle! Hope you had as much fun counting the window panes of the Rec Center as we did making you count the window panes of the Rec Center (for the record, the answer is 342... Alpha Xi Delta got the closest with 340!).

In first place at Blazer Hustle - Alpha Xi Delta with 18 out of 25 correct.
In second place at Blazer Hustle - Health Sciences Student Association with 17 out of 25 correct.
In third place at Blazer Hustle - Delta Gamma with 16 out of 25 correct.

Congratulations to our top scoring teams! You did great!

Don't forget to vote for Mr. and Ms. UAB all day tomorrow - you can vote online at:

Voting closes at 8pm tomorrow! Make your vote count!
See you tomorrow for Seth Meyers!

Lots going on today!

The Homecoming Committee would like to thank the over 200 students who came to Tie Dye this afternoon!

And as you're driving down University Blvd., check out the giant banner we finally got dropped off of the rooftop this afternoon!

Oh yeah, something else... the first 100 UAB students at Blazer Blowout (6pm, Minipark) will get a Homecoming T-shirt! Don't miss it!

Marshall Smack Talk!

Are you a smack talker? Apparently, we at UAB are smack talkers.

I saw this on campus today and laughed so hard.

What's your favorite line?

Monday's schedule!

And it begins!

The 2010 Homecoming Week is officially underway.
Buildings are decorated, posters are spread over campus and organizations are turning in their banners.

With the Spirit Competition underway, UAB Student Orgs are helping out and competition for points.

Tonight, groups will battle it out in the third annual Blazer Hustle competition. This year, Blazer Hustle takes on a new twist as we introduce a new element: Photos. Can you find where these photos were taken on campus? It's gonna be an exciting night!

But before that, come out to Rast-Blount Quad and tye-dye your own Blazer T-shirt! Do you love all things Green & Gold (or green & white with gold accents)? Then this is for you!

 And finally, join us as we celebrate our BS (that's Blazer Spirit!) at the Blazer Blowout! Free food, carnival games, prizes and much more! You don't want to miss it!

Here's the official rundown -

Monday, November 1                       
Spirit Banner Due at 8am                 
HUC 136
Tie Dye T-Shirts 10am-2pm 
Rast/Blount Quad

Blazer Blowout 6-10pm        
Mini Park

Blazer Hustle 7-9pm 
Mini Park 
Here's the official rundown -